How To Install A WordPress Theme Through cPanel After I installed WordPress through the one-click installation for my blog, I found some new themes that I wanted to try out, but there was one problem, they had to be manually installed and I had no idea what I was doing. Well, now I do! This is a quick video tutorial to show you how to manually install WP themes through your cPanel.

If you don’t have hosting or aren’t happy with your current host, here are links for Hostgator (which I use now) and Godaddy, if you need a domain (or hosting company too – haven’t used them as a host, but reviews say they’re good….)

Hostgator wordpress optimized hosting plans:

Hostgator $0.01 Offer – 1 Penny Offer

Godaddy for hosting & domain names

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Susan Stanton says:

Thanks so much for this video! I watched a lot of videos but none of them were on a mac – so this was by far the best and most relevant to me. Simple and Quick. Thanks!

imdad ali Arain says:

Thank you bro

Victoria5653 says:

This was very helpful.


Thanks, it was nice, i was able to Install WordPress Using cPanel on my server leased from datasoft

My DigitNews Krugersdorp says:

Hi Joey, we here at MyDigitNews found your video very informative as we wanted to install a new theme. Thanks for this video!

Collin Davis says:

Thank you Joey. I was having a tough time installing a WP theme. It wouldn't upload via the WordPress panel, then I tried Filezilla FTP and don't know how many countless hours I wasted. Then I thought lets see if there is a solution via Cpanel and viola it worked rightaway. I must tell you I am really thankful for this video. Thanks a lot :)

sreekanth devireddy says:

really a great video bro u just saved from going to hell #quizmeydotcom

Ishmael Brown says:

Thanks man, really helped me out. The problem I was having was my download was not zipped (I'm on a mac). So I compressed it then uploaded it.

Thanks again.

Fayaz Pasha says:

Thanks for the simple explanation. However, if one is unable to access the dashboard, is there a way to activate the theme on the Cpanel. Would appreciate your assistance.

T. Washington says:

Hail the buddha! Great explanation and it works!

Julio Soto says:

He Joey, I'am having a problem to install the theme; I got this messaging:
The package could not be installed. PCLZIP_ERR_BAD_FORMAT (-10) : Unable to find End of Central Dir Record signature

Mitch Newton says:

Thumbs up Joey Badass!

Bianka Velevska says:

Hi there! Great video, however my theme (radclifffe) is a folder instead of a single file for upload. I cannot select one individual zip/file as it requires all the contents in the folder!

Voyagersguidebook says:

This is wonderful thank you for this. Even after 7 years the steps through the Cpanel and WordPress are exactly same.



Muhammad Humza Awan says:

Thanks man I was about to quite! U just saved the day

Nikki Morgan says:

Great Tutorial!

Stroma says:

Thank you so much! I am a complete beginner and found this so easy to follow saved me much heart ache thanks again.

Supplement Critique says:

great vid, just upload in HD next time. It's a bit hard to see on my end

TheHoxtonTrend says:

Such a huge help, this was driving me NUTS!!!!!! Thank for this Joey!!!!!!

Anupam Sen says:

You are great joey, I never thought its going to be that easy :)


Thanks bro. I bricked my site with a php issue and was able to delete my messed up theme and re install it. Worked fine

Badass Place says:

After more trials I just managed. Thank you for the video. Very helpful.

Badass Place says:

I have just noticed I have a broken theme how do I fix that?

Badass Place says:

Hey Joey, I did everything you said on the tutorial, but no luck, I do can see the theme installed on Cpanel, but when I go to WordPress there's no theme. Can you please help me? What am I doing wrong?

Paul Giraldo says:

i almost killed every person in my path today because i never thought i would ever get this done. thanks man!

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