How to install WordPress on your local computer – WordPress tutorial 2

In this video, I download and install WordPress on to my local computer, using MAMP as my localhost.

I’ll cover the following:
1. Where to download WordPress.
2. Where you can learn about MAMP.
3. Where to place your WordPress files.
4. How to create a database in PHPmyAdmin.
5. Run through the famous 5 minute WordPress installation.
6. How to log into WordPress

Watch my video on how to download MAMP for windows here:

Something wrong? Try reading the WordPress documentation here:

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Michelle Bergseth-Hyslop says:

How do I change my Host, Port, User and Password on MAMP? I have a sneaky suspicion that it's not a good idea to leave it set as the default outlined in this tutorial? And if I change them, do I need to somehow update that on WordPress as well?

MichaelLawLtd says:

Thanks so much for this Quentin. Very useful!

Sivarajah Mayuran says:

hi Michael Nweze, I also facing the same issue now, mywebsite option is not showing. how to overcome this? Quentin if you respond it will be great to follow the rest of the videos. thankssss

Denys Svirid says:

Hi, i can't open localhost:8888/phpmyadmin page not found. How solve the problem thanks

ussama rehman says:

HI, Quentin you are doing awesome…!

tony janssens says:

Quentin, your tutorials are great – very easy to follow and very educative 🙂
Thanks !

BlazerBreakdown says:

Having the problem everyone else is having where it says "Error establishing a database connection". I tried changing local host to 8889 but it just downloads a setup-config.php file that I don't know what to do with. What's the next step to fixing this problem? Someone help.

Ed Zahrin says:

Hi, Can you help me. If i plan to have 2 different website, can i use it under one wordpress platform or do i need to install on different WP platform ? Thanks.

Javad Montazeri says:

Hi Quentin, I just wanted to say thanks for great simple step by step explanations. I learned a lot.

Karie Kameleon says:

Quentin — you are the BEST! I have never commented on YouTube before but I had to write something. You are amazing, really. I have learned so much from you. I cannot thank you enough for all of these wonderful tutorials. I don't know what I would do without you!

Tomas Adams says:

I do not have the "My Website" button for some reason. I bypassed it by going to the localhost:8888 URL and it loaded fine, but I've entered all the credentials fine and it repeatedly says it cannot connect. I've uninstalled and reinstalled MAMP twice now and to no avail. I'm think of just trying Wampserver as I have been at this for an hour now.

Shaistha Seema says:

hey Quentin,
I tried localhost:8888/phpmyadmin…..i get this error "The requested URL /phpmyadmin was not found on this server." Pls help me out !!

enson yap says:

I face some problem at 2:44 where i need to find the button for "my website" but however when i open the web i cant find the button "my website" on that site. So is there anything i can do about it to let it show up? or have i not done any steps yet? thanks >.<

Andres Mena says:

How do I connect my website that I already built on WordPress to this local install. I have just been using the WordPress admin website to adjust my site and now I want it adjust it locally. Any tips anybody? Thanks.

ChicagoBob says:

It does my heart good to see such a good tutorial, thank you my friend it was extremely helpful.

Sasoon Zarookian says:

i installed the new wordpress and my entire website is gone

justjulezz says:

Hi there, I followed your instructions to run a WordPress website on my localhost. There was no problem in the past days but since yesterday, I can't open my WordPress site anymore because 'the network-connection has unexpected stopped'. The Apache and MySQL servers are still running and I have no clue why I cannot reach my (test) website anymore.. Do you know what I need to do cause I can't find it on the internet…

EE Tech says:

Hey Quentin. I have send message on your email and here on youtube. Please check it out and let me know if your interested. – Edin

Marmocet says:

WordPress is the most confusing install I've ever come across. Their instructions left me lost in woods. You just saved me hours of headache and gained a subscriber.

DylanDauenhauer says:

Wow your tutorials are so great! This was easy to follow and very enterianing! Would have never done that without you. Thanks!

Bello Nasir says:

Quentin when I open the start page it doesn't show me the my website option on the page please help thanks

Xiao Mei says:

You are a life saver! I was completely lost reading WP instructions, but it did not make sense. They should use your video to show people how to install successfully.

Thank you Q.

Cara McGinnis says:

Hello, Silly question. I have set up a local site. I'm looking to FTP into the local site to upload a theme I have.. I'm unable to figure out how to do this? Shouldn't I just use the info thats on the MAMP open start page?

Wise Hokage says:

Great video man! Thanks so much!

Ryan Heard says:

I have to admit, wordpress was the hardest software I ever had to install in my life and if you try to do it from the website directly, it can take well over an hour. What I dont get is that the instructions is titled 5 mintue installation which is impossible. Ive been a professional wed developer for 10 years and just wanted to learn wordpress because my employer wants me to add it to my skills . First you got to find a host, then a database, then a ftp client, then passwords and usernames. It was ridiculous. I actually had to get a professional wordpress developer in here to install the wordpress software for me because it was that complicated.

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