Visual Composer Tutorial for Beginners

Learn very basics of Visual Composer page builder plugin for WordPress with drag and drop interface to start creating pages and posts within minutes

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Frances Burgess says:

Very easy to understand and most helpful. Thank you

Jose Molina says:

how can i edit a gallery image space within images , and put link url for each one image ?

amgchase says:

Thank You so much for this tutorial!

Mauricio Carrillo says:

hi guys, visual composer does not work after updating wordpress


very nice information

ivan mbuyah says:

Thanks for the tutorial, i would like to also know how to set up a customized header on visual composer

lisaraecrowoman says:

Excellent tutorial! Thank you so much!!

Whistling Meerkat says:

This is THE most difficult thing about WordPress. How do you create a page with 8 tabs running left to right? NOTHING is intuitive and I've worked with WordPress for almost 10 years.

Jorge Marques says:

Hi thanks a lot for the tutorial, I am considering changing from siteorigin to VC, I have some questions:

1. Can I create content blocks like site origin?
2. the effects that you show in your demo in the site for grid, masonry, like hover and the magnifier or love icon I can put them by default?
3. Also included by default if text content when we do hover on is available

So mainly I just want to make sure that what you show in contents, showcase, etc is all included and not necessary add-ons needed! Cheers

Linda Laforge says:

Thanks! This will be quite helpful.

Md Atiqur Rahman says:

Thanks for making and sharing this video tutorial with us. It's really easy to understand!

Sean Alott says:

Thank you for making this video ….AWESOMENESS !

Bryce Dickerson says:

Great video…the commentary was needed and you've done an excellent job. this helps a lot!

iRYO400 says:

Bro! can you help me. where I can fix link to grid element?

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