15 Ways to Customize the WordPress Twenty Fourteen Theme

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This video will show you how to customize the WordPress Twenty Fourteen theme, such as how to make the featured images full-width, remove the left sidebar, center the site on screen and much more, by installing ready-made child themes, and by adding CSS code snippets which I provide on my website.

Twenty Fourteen theme is a great theme in my opinion. Not everyone agrees of course, but I love how versatile it is.

Like most WordPress default themes, making „tweaks“ to the theme CSS code (watch the video below) allows you to change the look of your site quite a bit.

I made a video using the Twenty Fourteen, but made the mistake of using the Fourteen Extended plugin.

That plugin is gone, so this post will help you replace it, so that you can span the featured images full-width, remove the „indenting“ of the content into the featured images, and more, without relying on that plugin (which wasn’t a good idea).

If you are a beginner, and all my talking about CSS and child themes has you ready to click away, wait a minute!

There’s no need to be a coding „ninja“ because it’s a simple process…really. 🙂

I’ve made it easy for you–there are 2 child themes that are done for you below the video – you just have to upload and install the theme(s) into your WP admin -along with CSS code „snippets“ to customize your 2014 site.

First, watch the video, then read the rest of the post.

You absolutely have to use a child theme, otherwise all your hard work can be lost when your theme updates, and the Twenty Fourteen theme updates on a regular basis.

To use the child themes below, you simply download the zip file(s) to your computer, then go to Appearance—Themes in your WP admin dashboard, click “Add New”, then „Upload Theme“, find the zip file on your computer, install and activate. (you’ll need to have the parent Twenty Fourteen theme installed, which will usually be there already unless you have removed it).

Both child themes will center the site on the screen (instead of being aligned to the left), make featured images full-width, along with code that you can adjust the indenting of the your content into the featured image.

You can install both child themes (watch video) so that you have the option to have the left sidebar or not.

And, if you make some customizations (add CSS snippets) to one child theme, then change your mind and use the other child theme (say if you changed your mind and wanted to have the left sidebar for your 2014 theme site) it’s easy to copy the changes from one and paste into the other. (You go to Appearance–Editor and edit the Stylesheet.

Check these WordPress Tutorial for Beginners videos out:


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Mark Nasri (housedepot) says:

thanks, it is the best and most informative i have seen so far
god bless you, and have a new years ahead with full of health and enjoyment

Cameron Dueker says:

Seriously, you saved me a huge headache. Thank you!

Kent Jackson - RMB says:

I removed my right sidebar, I'm trying to make my featured image to extend full width on individual posts. Can u help?

goana dupabitcoin says:

how can i change the website icon?
i am using twenty fourteen theme
ty in advance

Jeff Jensen says:

Can you help me with getting the blog page to show summaries instead of full length posts?

Jeff Jensen says:

I saw the page widen, but the sidebar is still not giving any space for the products and the products page is still all messed up. The slider is still not taking up the full width of the page is there any way to fix that? Is there a way to fix the woo commerce products. There seems to be a dot next to the product that didn't go away with the woo themes integration. 

Jeff Jensen says:

Hi Mike, I added some more of the snippets from the page, didn't see changes and didn't see any of the additional code snippets you said were new. Is there a different page on the blog or on another the blog? Thank you for helping me.  

Mike Simmons says:

Hi iqbyte, go to blog post link in description above, added a couple more code snippets> :)

Dean Dyer says:

Hey mike can you show how to insert Google analytic code to a custumizr theme?

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