Add a High Converting Amazon WordPress Theme (PT 4)

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In this video, I recommend 3 affiliate WordPress themes you can add to your site to dramatically increase your affiliate sales and revenue!

Picking the right wordpress theme is specially important when you are talking about Amazon affiliate sites.

Look for a conversion rate between 10-15% for traffic you send to A lot of this depends on the layout of your themes, and conversion rates are especially important.

Check out my Deadbeat WordPress Theme which I designed specially for affiliates. This is what I consider to be the best theme for amazon affiliate marketers.

As an affiliate marketer, you must always keep an eye on your Theme’s conversion rates.

That’s why I recommend the themes i recommend in my videos!

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D Fitness and wellbeing says:

hi dan, the word press layout section doesnt show responsive layout can you please advise what i can input thanks.

Mani Wyatt says:

hey man hows it going, im from new zealand and i want to sign up to your affiliate program , just wondering if you can give me the coupon code?

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