Best Free WordPress Button Plugins – Animated CSS Buttons Without Coding

If you want to insert nice looking buttons anywhere in your wordpress blog – these two plugins are just for you.
These wordpress button plugins will allow you to create animated buttons or very customized ones.

If you have any questions – do not hesitate to contact me or write in the comments below. I’m here to help you.

Also feel free to request videos on anything about wordpress.

And last but not least – check out the WP Lightbulb’s course at

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D Yoc says:

It seems to be just collecting you email address.
Going to the web site in this video will take you to a page that will ask for your email address..Simple enough ..after you type it in it just gives you an error and to contact the administrator.
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SCXTT says:

it doesnt show me the button just a tekst link

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