BeTube Video WordPress Theme installation

In This Video you can see how to Setup BeTube Video WordPress Theme.
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WHO AMI says:

What compression for the video file do you provide for self hosted Videos, otherwise may you run into problems? Is there a compression plugin available?

Fahad Rakib says:

bro can you give me betube helper and layer slider plugins?

Jesus Genaro says:

What abaut how make blog pagination?. I don´t meet any adjust in betube options to limit number of post in blog page, and shows all post at same page. We need a video abaut this. Also posts shows buttons of previus and next post, but do not work.

Life Masterz says:

IN case anyone runs into this issue.. but on your homepage for the categories, if it shows no thumbnails scrolling try switching the default number is betube general setting from 10 to a number like 15 or 6. Other numbers work but those are just some i found first. i just bought this theme and Im getting really getting better and handling it. I'll be happy to help ya'll out if you have questions 🙂

Life Masterz says:

WEll i have to say. I was having trouble at first but it seems you MUST follow every single step AS you say. NO skipping or workarounds. The theme is great you just need patience. There are still some bugs though but still by far the best video theme out there that i have seen 🙂

Adamack Beats says:

Hello, I just purchased your theme from Envato. I followed your instructions exactly, but when I get to the Menu part, the page is greyed out with the only option being to Create A New Menu. All other data was imported successfully, but your menus are not there. Could you please let me know what I may have done wrong? Great theme by the way, thanks!

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