Create a Beautiful Website For your Business using Optimizer WordPress Theme – 2016

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Optimizer theme Website Preview

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Below is what I show in the video…More info below
00:05 website preview

01:45 Buying hosting and a domain

04:30 The Email with all the details

05:15 opening Cpanel

06:40 Installing wordpress using softaculious app installer

12:20 Loggin into your website admin section

13:10 Installing the wordpress theme & how to search for wordpress themes

14:28 Installing free theme optimizer

15:54 Some info about the theme

17:00 Editing the Optimizer theme

17:56 Save and publishing the changes and how to edit the content

20:00 how to edit widgets on the homepage..

22:50 adding posts to your wordpress website

24:00 Adding a Featured image to your post on your website

26:00 Adding plugins to your website.

27:30 Installing the Wp-cache plugin

28:00 Installing the Seo by Yoast Plugin

30:00 Editing the homepage image and some other content using customize theme

32:00 How to only publish changes that are needed only..

33:14 Edit some info on the slider

35:10 Installing the Contact US form 7 plugin that is important for receiving emails from the website.

36:00 configuring the email and using the shortcode and then sending the test email

39:00 Removing the unwanted side menu from the Contact Us Page..

40:00 Susbcribe to my channel…

Joel Websites Development shows you how to create your Business Website from scratch so daam easily using wordpress.

In this video I show you how easy it is to create a website using WordPress.I use the Optimizer theme in this video.This website is Mobile Responsive and has great a design.

Quick overview on about the steps..

1.Buy Hosting and A Domain name

2.Install WordPress
Use the Softaculous Quick install in your Control Panel to quickly install WordPress.

3.Change Your WordPress Theme
You May Install Optimizer theme as Shown on this video

4.Change the Content
Edit the Content As Described in this video.

5.Comment Below
Request for more videos below ….

Thanks for watching

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Rennette Gordon says:

Hi Joel! Thanks for creating this video. It is really helpful. How do we remove the 'Demo' and 'Download' links from the home page of my Optimizer theme website?

You Tuber says:

There is a "contact" widget. I wanted to just drop that onto a page I created directly but when I test it, it does not work. Do you know how to make the contact widget usable on any page without having to make a "contact us" page?

Kenny Troiano says:

hello, do you know if this theme, the optimizer, is compatible with "Paid Memberships Pro"? I like this theme page but need to make a membership website. thanks for your time.

Lizhairlive says:

Thanks so much for this tutorial Joel!

Edie Webber says:

Please help, I don't know why I cannot create pages. From Dashboard Add New > Title , enter test text, save and publish. But the URL does not go anywhere but an error page.
The new page titles show up on home page but do not link anywhere… this is crazy? Does the theme not host pages??

Steven Mecke says:

Thank you!!

Phil Radford says:

Thanks for your video ! I am trying to work out how to use the front page functionality on other pages – so About – Contact – projects – all with the same functionality as the main do you do this?

Sam Deacon says:

reeeally love this theme, it has so much flexibility + power included, and the customizer is the best I've tried

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