Home Page Set Up – Viral WordPress Theme

This video shows you how to configure the home page and create various section as in demo page or Viral WordPress Theme.

Demo: http://demo.hashthemes.com/viral/
Download Link : http://hashthemes.com/wordpress-theme/viral/
Support : http://hashthemes.com/support/

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Pilipinas Laban says:

where can i put the mgid ads under post?

Iskandar Ikromov says:

plz. polylang setup themes???

P Muhammed says:

please help me how to setup full page width front page top block

mannaf ronok says:

please send me customize video link. or tutorial. I have already active this theme but can't customize the theme.

圙雅 says:

Also, how do I customize CSS in mobile devices without displaying the sidebar? .

圙雅 says:

Hello, I really like your theme, but there is a problem want to get your help, is the thumbnail can support outreach?
Because I want to use the CDN plugins to upload pictures to other places, but the thumbnail does not show!
Thank you!

tunes says:

narration would be a lot more helpful than blaring music and trying to follow the cursor

Daniel Wheeler says:

is is possible to have customized category pages?

I would like to have the same features for the home page on category pages.

Marius Zbranca says:

I understand that, but i prefer for the featured image to be displayed automatically inside the post. I would appreciate if you send me the code to modify that. Thanx!

Marius Zbranca says:

hello! your theme is really good! but it it doesn't display images when you click on a article, how can i corect that?

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