How to create a WordPress website with the Enfold Theme

In this video I show you step by step how to create this website with the most popular theme of 2015! The Enfold theme. Enjoy!

Enfold theme:

Permalink code:

Quick CSS:
div .logo { top: 5px; }
.responsive .logo img { margin: 5px auto; }

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Dara Emerson says:

Thanks! Do you have a tutorial to design a blog page using the the advanced layout builder instead of the ones provided by Enfold?

Headshet says:

hey thanks a lot amazing tutorial im going to invest to a website now.. hoping to actually make something good to earn a living of it, if it shines.

I have one question if i want to create a website, that has users not something for me something like to host competitions for something with clients or somehow a website that people will upload something like pictures they get rated and stuff and you can show your designs and stuff.

So basicaly i want a website that people will log in, upload their own stuff and all together rate talk comment bla bla is there a theme for that?

Allison Egan says:

This tutorial is so great I am watching it a second time!
I do have a question for you Ferdy; when I make a page with the advanced editor in the back end it creates a separate page area on the front end that is above the section where my side bar is, this is ugly and makes the side bar essentially a second footer. I can't seem to find a setting configuration to fix this, I have looked through the page editor setting and the enfold theme options. Any ideas how to fix this?

Rose says:

Very good tutorial! Thank you so much, Ferdy! Enfold is great theme! If you are going to create subdomain, you don't have to buy it again, just load it on your subdomain site. It is so easy to use and so many options!

brijesh kumar says:

My superman. thank you fedy.
This is moment which changed my life

databaseexpert says:

I have never watched a 3 hour video on YouTube, until today. I watched the whole thing! Thank you Ferdy!

focusnfinesse says:

Awesome tutorial Ferdy! Quick question. What do you use for your mobile template or is this compatible on all devices and platforms? Thanks!

syahreza arman says:

Ferdy how to set my store page as my landing page?

Barbara M says:

sympathische Stimme … super erklärt …
© symbol with keybord is "alt (left side) and then tipp 184 on the number block on the right side

Dominik Emmert says:

Great tutorial!

Rex Rex says:

Ferdy, my blog posts aren't showing up. They show up under "all posts" and "view post", but not when I refresh my blog and click on "blog". Any suggestions? I've tried troubleshooting on my own from the forums (settings, reading, "static page" vs "your latest post:" but am not having any luck. Otherwise your video is really great. Many thanks.

syahreza arman says:

Hi Ferdy, how can i link the contact form to other email , which is my business email ? It bounce to my personal email

Carla Vollert - Event Management says:

wow, thanks so much!!

sammy chivasa says:

hie, i am trying to embed a map on the contact page but i am getting an error which says "OOPS SOMETHING WENT WRONG, this page didnt load google maps correctly, see javascript console for technical details"

how can i solve this?

John Schmid says:

Love the theme. Thanks Ferdy for getting me started. I am having trouble figuring out the size for fullscreen slider images with no scaling. Can anyone help?

Miranda Fiedler says:

Hi everybody! I tried to follow the instructions but when I'm on wordpress there are no Plugins and I also no Permalink Settings. I feel like I don't have the right version… or why don't I have these things? Please help me

Ehsan Khan says:

plz make another ecommerce website tutourial.

johanne st pierre says:

Hi, I use the enfold template and on the general setting. I don't know why but there is no place to put the google analytics like your demo. Do you know if there is an other way to put that code.

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