How to Create One Page WordPress Site with Visual Composer – 2016

In this tutorial, I show you how to build a beautiful and professional one page WordPress website in less than one hour!

For more information:

Check out a live demo here:

Get your copy of Visual Composer here:
Get your copy of Ultimate Addons here:

This tutorial is based on the free twenty sixteen theme from WordPress and you won’t have to buy a premium theme. You will need to download the free customized child theme from the link above.

Please note that this tutorial requires the Visual Composer Plugin and the Ultimate Addons plugin.

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shakir ahmed says:

How can I make this responsive? Do you have any video to do that?

workandhustle says:

Very cool video!
I have one question: when I want to put the icons the green background is only on one half of the website and the other half is still white.
What can I do against it?
Greets from Germany

Ranezy Murray says:

does visual composer creates custom functions in backend? ex: i need a site where the users are able to register, acess their own control panel, buy tickets online and follow their status, schedule things in their panel. i.e, site working as a system. does visual compoder creates these kind of functions?

Dominik Jandrisevits says:

0:20 – "So this is a very neat looking webshit!" 20 seconds in and I'm already enjoying this Tutorial 😀

Techie Geek says:

very well explained. sure was big for lesson-1 but enjoyed the whole tutorial.

Bilal Yousaf says:

how to download 2016-child theme.let me know the link.em not finding it please guide me.

Dimass P says:

Man^ where is a theme??? – I subscribed on your blog, but doesn't download any themes!

s ss says:

Yet another tutorial which was not.

Why is Youtube cluttered with similar "tutorials" that are a running commentary instead, wasting our time trying to follow instructions, only to find yet another "tutor" unable to grasp that we that watch these videos need step by step instructions.

Nanzoo says:

Bedankt Joep! Dankzij jou heb ik mijn website helemaal zelf kunnen maken!

Gurdeep Singh says:

Hi Joep van der Poel , Very helpful

pridenr1 says:

dude, how did you removed the "home" header from the front page?

Eric Taylor says:

Navigation linking advice is at 12:14. You're welcome.

tenminutetokyo says:

Thanks dooooooood………

Torben Greve says:

For some reason I can't get Advanced Carousel to work at all… I bought the latest VC and WordPress and all plugins are latest edition.
When I add the carousel, it messes up the entire site and removes all styles like background colors and so on. It's really frustrating :S I hope you can offer some advice to my perdicament 🙂

Apart from that, excellent tutorial!!

Timothy William says:

Hello! I'm trying to figure out why your "add element" page looks different than mine. Yours has the nice icons with the additional "social" tab. I am missing those items; are you using another plugin to modify that view? I've already installed Ultimate VC Addons.

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