How to Create Twenty Seventeen Child Theme or Child Theme of Any WP Themes 2017

This is my method how to create Twenty Seventeen child theme. This method should work with any WordPress themes unless your current theme has a totally different coding. Please contact your theme developer if your child theme does not work.

**** Please do not follow this tutorial if you use a page builder plugin.


If you are using WordPress 4.7 or newer;
Twenty Seventeeen Theme users = you have „Additional CSS“ feature, and „Colors“ options to change some colors of your website
For other theme users = you have „Additional CSS“ feature, and depends on your theme options.

==** Conclusion, you don’t need to create child theme if you can achieve what you want by using „Additional CSS“ WP 4.7 feature or your theme’s option.

I created a video how to create a child theme 100% manually with Twenty Fifteen in this video:
However, when we create manually, the parent theme’s customizer setting, like widgets, menu settings, etc will be deactivated when you activate your new manually created Child theme.

This method helps to keep your parent theme’s customizer setting.
I’ve created Twenty Seventeen child theme manually, you can download it from DropBox without registering (scroll down and read the steps:


0:28 My customization example of the demo website’s theme
0:58 Using „Additional CSS“ and „Colors“ – no need to create child theme
5:29 Why you will need child theme

Creating Twenty Seventeen (or Any other themes) Child Theme steps:
5:38 Login to your dashboard
5:49 Check what your „Active“ theme is
6:45 Avoid any plugins that still use „@import css“ method, because it decrease your website’s loading speed, for more info:
If your site is not new, please backup your website first:

8:20 Install plugin: „Child Theme Configurator“
9:49 Start using the plugin
10:23 Analyze the Parent Theme. If you got any errors after analyzing, please contact your theme developer
13:21 Checking the now active theme
Optional steps
14:07 Disabling the plugin and why I would do this (If you have time, please leave ratings for the plugin)
15:06 Checking our child theme
15:07 Cleaning our child theme’s codes – Code to copy from Child Theme WP codex website:

18:47 Replacing the screenshot.png of the child theme with ours.
*********Steps to download (with Chrome browser):
1. Go to this DropBox link:
2. If it asks you to register, you can click „No thanks, continue to view“ link wording or similar.
3. On the top menu, right corner, click the „download“ button.

18:58 Uploading the screenshot via cPanel or you can use FTP client, check out this tutorial:
19:20 Good bye for now. Please share and like the video if it helped you. Thank you.

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J Jennings says:

Thank you😘

Robert Rosen says:

I have a quick question.  I started my blog on the home page and now I want to change it to a blog page.  What is the easiest way to switch content?  Thank you. I am using 2017

Linda Hoogendoorn says:

GREAT tutorial, this helped me BIG time. THANKS!

David Nairn says:

brilliant …. you saved me loads of faffing about 🙂

Chris Hercules says:

You saved my day! It took me 5hrs to figure it out and after reading different posts online I finally solved the problem. I now know how to remove proudly powered by wordpress from my website. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I hope the WordPress community makes this problem much easier to fix in the future.

Carly Rodriguez says:

Can you show how to reduce the Padding Section Above Content – In Between Menu and Page or Post Title ? Thank You!

Idea says:

Good job! Thanks.

Annie Algoet says:

Good tutorial. Thanks!

James Velasquez says:

After creating child theme, I clicked preview and it did not look anything like parent theme so I did not save and publish. Could I just save and publish the child theme, refresh my page and if it still did not look right, could I switch back to original theme without losing anything?

Dominique Gamelin says:

Fantastic! Thanks a lot!

Sarosh Ali says:

great job, much appreciated.

William Slish says:

Thank you for doing the Twenty-Seventeen Video. I have two unrelated questions. First, should you create a child theme as soon as you set up the site or after it is developed? Secondly, in the Twenty-Seventeen Theme how do you customize what's in the footer and remove the Proudly powered by WordPress and replace it with your business name? Thank You For all your help.

Karla Fisher says:

*** Five stars. Perfect Tutorial. Thank you!

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