How to Install a WordPress Theme localhost / xampp (2013)

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Mohamad Ridzwan says:

Thanks man. Very helpful

Maaz Kamal says:

This would be my first comment on youtube. Never said thanks to nobody is these past 7 years on youtube but thanks mate 🙂

ben jolly says:

thanks alot

uğur ozan says:


Huey Newton says:

Finally a real solution. It work. Thx!

dadriaanse says:

Perfect solution. Thanks

Rich Conrad says:

what if we have a free word press website

rmfcity says:

Great tutorial!

Martin Dachev says:

thank you 

Carlton Stith says:

This was great! I installed XAMPP and now I can get started working with WordPress locally. Thanks for the video.

Sherwood Brownlow says:

I am a wordpress expert and I created some video tutorials regarding wordpress. WP experts agree that this is the most complete wordpress training ever created. go to my channel and watch the one video I posted..

HappyMomof8 says:

I am learning much from your videos. This was perfect! Thanks.

Jack Walker says:

i dont have the install theme option?

Paul Hardy says:


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