How to Install and Setup Shareaholic WordPress Social Media Plugin 2015

This is my official video for those of you. How to Install and Setup Shareaholic WordPress Social Media Plugin 2015. One of the most important things now days is sharing content on Social media. Most of us, if we just utilize Social Media to it’s maximum potential would be very successful. This WordPress plugin Shareaholic does just that. One of the things I like about this Plugin is not only how easy it is to install but also the way it’s positioned on the users website. Users are allowed to choose a specific area on page to have the social media signals to be displayed.

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Developer Notes: ▼

Shareaholic is an all-in-one content amplification and monetization platform, that includes related content recommendations, promoted content, social sharing, following, site monetization apps such as affiliate linking, and social analytics. This module makes it a snap for any website — big or small — to engage and grow their traffic, market their content, gain insights, and monetize their traffic, all from one powerful but easy-to-use dashboard.

Typically installing WordPress is simple, for this reason many people as well as business owners flock to the CMS. It’s also common for people to ask the question How to Install a WordPress Plugin for Beginners Shareaholic especially if it’s his first time setting up plugins.

Shareaholic WordPress plugin- social share buttons (How to install and setup)

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