How To Install WordPress for Windows Using A Localhost

Need to know how to install WordPress locally on Windows? In this tutorial I’ll walk you thru the steps needed to install WordPress on a localhost on your computer.

Read the step by step instructions:

Get MAMP for Windows:

Download the latest version of WordPress:

Learn How to Build Your Own Website Step-by-step:

Move Your WordPress Website:

Another way to Move your website:
This is an older tutorial it still applies, but there have been some major improvements to the tool that I recommend.

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iqra tayyab says:

great info this video cleared my ambiguities thank-u soo much… 🙂
can u send the link of that video how to move website from local host to live server…

Kayla Robinson says:

Thank you so much! Very easy. I appreciate you making this a breeze for me.

MD Mizanur Rahman says:

Thanks for your great instructions for installing mamp. Could you please inform mw how can I increase input verse to 5000 using mamp.

Jelena 86 says:

Brilliant, after 100 tutorials, this one is perfect…it helped me to install it, thank you a lot! 🙂

Jacqui Osz says:

#real website hints.
my computer is saying that mamp is corrupted?? help?

ASIF Khan says:

Thanks a bunch.Really appreciate your help.

Baylee Reagen says:

Kickass video man

Sheikh Saddique says:

great i love your speed and easy steps. thank you.

Ov Cal says:

and if I move to another PC to work do I only transfer the site/wordpress folder? what about the database?

Joes Dot says:

When I created the SQL database it wants me to Create table.. I didn't see that in your video..???

Joes Dot says:

When I go to MAMP – I'm only finding a 14 day TRIAL version.. I though your video said there is a FREE version not a trial or am I doing something wrong..?
Still love your videos!
Thank you

I think I misread the description, It says 14 day trial of the pro version.. Im assuming I'll be able to continue using the trial version correct?
Thank you

GYAN TV says:

MySQL server not marked.

GYAN TV says:

phpmyadmin page shows error how to solve this problem.

Bram Kayaerts says:

after 4 tutorials this is the first one that helped me to configure correctly, thanks! greetings from belgium

Gabriel Renfrow says:

Thank you. Had not done this in years, since it was only available on Mac. Very straight-forward and thorough. Appreciate it.

Rathu Rat says:

Does local host mean that other people can't view it?

Ayman Abdelghaffar says:

So grateful for this video I finally made it thru and everything worked and again thanks for the great video I could not have made it without it after many days of lost efforts.
It'll be great to find a video for "How to install your own new WordPress theme for business".
Thank you….

ray massie says:

Thank you for the video i finally made it thru and everything worked and again thanks for the great video i could not have made it without it..

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