How to Install WordPress Locally on Windows For Free

Wondering how you can try WordPress before buying it? Well, here is your guide to Install WordPress locally on Windows platform. We will be using a free software call WAMP to create local server & then install WordPress on it.

By installing WordPress locally, you will have complete understanding of how WordPress works. It’s great for testing your theme or WordPress plugin locally. Later on, you can use plugins like Duplicator to move everything from local to live server.

Here is the complete text guide:

Download WAMP:
Download WordPress:

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supriya kapse says:

my php admin is asking for username & password ??

Javid says:

Which server could I use if I have Mac? I haven't found a helpful guide to install a server on my Mac so far.

13 facts says:

I liked the initiall animation more though 🙂 specially the part let's make blogging full time work 🙂 . Motivated and soon be releasing my own tutorials on different technologies as I am a full stack dev 🙂

Anas shamia says:

Thanks Man :*

Kyle Anne Toribio says:

thank you!!

KoollifeTv says:

I have database already and plugin installed how can I start using offline local server without losing my website database and already designed and theme …

Umesh Tandukar says:

Thanks man 🙂

Ali Ammar says:

next step after this video ?


Much Much Thanks man. This is the real 5 Minute Install. again, Much Thanks.

Joginder Gujela says:

nice video.

bt its slow in my computer. page usually takes about 3-5 seconds to load. which is a lot from local server point of view.

What is the hardware you think would be good to run is smoothly and fast.

my PC hardware:
Intel atom x5 1.44ghz quad core processor.
2gb ddr3 ram

thanks in advance

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