How to Install WordPress on a Subdomain Using Cpanel

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How to install WordPress on subdomain cpanel details step by step tutorial for setting up a WordPress Content Management System inside a subdomain using cpanel

This detailed instruction video tutorial shows the viewer how they can quickly and easily set up a fully working WordPress installation package.

Tutorial session outlines how to create MySQL Database and adding a user for the database using Cpanel. Also details steps for uploading the entire WordPress installation package using Filezilla FTP file transfer program.

How to install wordpress inside of a sub-domain by means of Cpanel Control Panel of your hosting account is a lesson for quick and easy set up process for website managers who are wanting to get their website content published by the ever popular content management system like wordPress. You can learn more about setting up sub-domains here:

Simply watch this tutorial till the end because it also shows you how to change the default settings in wp-config.php file for securing your WordPress installation.
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This video tutorial session:
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Nawazish ali says:

The best i just installed Thanks Alot Rankya

Md.Robiul Islam says:

Love your tutorial. Thanks you very much.

Steven Newman says:

you are amazing…..i havent been able to do this because hostgator updated their website and i was having problems….you made it easy. My friend thank you. steven

Estelle Israel says:

thanks a lot…it helped a lot tho the audio isn't loud, i have got a problem with my filezilla, never used it , just downloaded it but is not connecting to the server…could anyone please help?

Kostantinos Kalominidis says:

thank you sir !! Greetings from Greece

Michael Agnew says:

Do you have a video showing how to install WordPress on a SubDomain ( and also at the same time have it installed on the main domain (

Erin Watson says:

I went through the steps up to wp-config, adding the custom text in and when I checked my subdomain, all it said was "Error establishing a database connection". Anyone know a way to resolve this?

Anonymous says:

woah, thanks <3


Dear Team, Thanks for nice tutorial but I think all the creation of database and changing the filenames have been done now a days automaticall by wordpress(m not sure asking you) as I have seen it may be.
My question and problem is I have created a subdomain but when I installed wordpress ( as I am a newbee) I don't know what happend it created a site network and the url is like "" I want to make it like "" and I want to make it seperate from the my sites network admin thing.
Your help is appreciated. Thanks sir.

Ester Lioe says:

Hi, I've just had a bad experience – hired an IT help from fiverr with the order to install a WP theme as a subdomains (my brother use to do these IT stuff for me but he is away on 'no internet' area – so cannot help me). Long story short – this "IT" have no idea what I meant by: please install a WP theme as a subdomain, he ended up removed installation of WP of two fine and running websites. So I'm crying now. Is there anyway to recover from this disaster??? Thanks

zel igos says:

Thank you so much!!!

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