How to Make a Parallax WordPress Website 2017 – AMAZING!

Learn how to create a website in WordPress – step by step in under 2 hours! Perfect for complete beginners or future web developers.
No skills/special software required! Demo website: ***GET THIS VIDEO TO 12500 LIKES!***

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In this free parallax website tutorial, I show you step by step how to make an amazing parallax wordpress website. It uses a Drag n Drop builder allowing anyone to build and complete their websites in a few hours!


Introduction 0:00
Overview 5:56

Domain & Hosting 7:53
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Install WordPress 11:28 (having trouble navigating?
Configure Basic Settings 13:52
Install Theme 16:27

Add Pages & Custom Menu Links 19:00
Set Static Home Page 23:09
Configure Themify Settings 24:13
(Layouts/Header/Footer/Easy Google Fonts)
Add Social Links 27:57

Logo/Header/Main Nav/Footer Styling 30:22
10 Tips Everyone Needs to Know 33:22

Build Homepage

Row #1 – Hero Image 43:43
Row #2 – Quote 1:01:20
Row# 3 – About 1:04:00
Row# 4 – Services 1:08:40
Row #5 – Gallery 1:12:48
Row #6 – Video 1:16:10
Row #7 – Blog (Add Blog Posts/Widgets & Styling) 1:19:00
Row # 8 – Contact 1:30:25
Row #9 – Map 1:34:10


Set Sticker Header Styling 1:37:00
Set in Row Anchors (Important) 1:37:44
Make Website „SUPER“ Mobile Responsive 1:39:38
Add Additional Pages & Built in Layouts 1:42:41

Translating Themes:

Congrats on building your beautiful WordPress website. Hope you guys have enjoyed it as much as I did! Please give the video a big LIKE if you found it useful, it might be two hours long but it took hundreds of hours to create! 🙂

Note: This theme is free to download, use (personal or commercial), it is the full version with no limitations. I have permission from themify to share it with you guys and thousands of people have already built their websites since 2015. But if you enjoy it, you have the option to get support/updates for 1 year here: and can use: HOGAN for 30% Off! (limited time only!) This option is perfect for web developers working with clients or people who want additional help 🙂 If you have any questions, do not hesitate to drop a comment below!


Hogan Chua

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Hogan Chua says:

If this video helped you in anyway, please subscribe/thumbs up 🙂 it helps me to continue making these videos for you guys! I really appreciate it! Any Questions/Problems – Make sure to check out the FAQ:
P.S thumbs up this comment, so people can see it 🙂 Cheers Hogan. Builder/Customizer Not working? Click "Read More"

Please Re-download theme from description (Ultra version 1.6.3) which is compatible with wordpress 4.7 and Update following these steps: (settings will remain after re-activation of theme). Hope that helps! 🙂

Email me at with your URL, username and password – If you have any installation/builder/customizer not functioning problems.

Shashank Vasudevan says:

Hey Hogan, Thank you for the wonderful tutorial 🙂 I have a small issue. When using scroll to row anchor, I see an overshoot. The top menu covers the heading of the section (for example the heading 'Research' disappears behind the menu). When I click the same menu again, it moves to the correct position. Also, there is a small white patch that spoils the look. I do not have the website live yet, but am working on localhost using WAMP. Can you please help me?
I have screenshots for reference.


lahiru. deepthi says:

Dear #Hogan Chua, Plz Make video For WordPress user registration form using themify Builder or plugin ( ''User Registration'' without register they cant see web site data ).


themify update is available but username and password is reqired

Haroon Sattar says:

Hi Hogan. Excelletn tutorial as usual. Is it possible to have the text version to keep to follow at a later date.

Pia Meier says:

Hi Hogan, i want to change the position of the social media icons that i put in the header – i have a bit header and i want to put it in the very left corner on top. can you help me?

Artecli Oliveira says:

Excellent. Amazing. Beautiful.
I'm going to study this technique a lot to get to that level.

World's only Eric says:

Does anyone have some trouble on the video part? cause i 've paste the url in the right place and it showed up only in a line of url, it should be the video and i don't know how to fix it.

Elecham Elec says:

Hey Hogan, 10x for the video, I downloaded themify-ultra from the link you posted, but when i upload it to my WordPress page it says that a file is too big, "The uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini." What should i do? Is it my server? (by now i´m just trying on xampp)

Aslı Erdoğan says:

Is it possible to change a sinle page's header color?

Randomania says:

Hey Hogan! The Theme got updated recently can you provide the updated version? Thanks 🙂

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