How To Make a WordPress Website – 2014

Create a business website step by step with no step skipped. We will be using WordPress to build your website and in just a couple of hours you will have a complete website that looks revolutionary!


Website Tour 0:00:00
What is a Responsive Theme 0:02:34
Video Overview 0:02:58
Hosting Overview 0:03:05
Domain Name Overview 0:05:50
WordPress Overview 0:04:47
Theme Overview 0:05:28
Create Website Overview 0:05:55

1. Choose Hosting & Buy Website Name

Visiting HostGator 0:06:50
Choosing a Plan 0:07:14
Registering a Domain Name 0:08:45
Entering Billing Information 0:10:19
Coupon code 35% Off Enter in ThirtyFive 0:11:13
Confirmation Email & Passwords 0:12:12

2. Installing WordPress & Setting Up Your Website

Install WordPress 0:12:37
Click QuickInstall 0:13:31
Install WordPress 0:13:48
Login To WordPress 0:17:15
Change Password 0:18:18
Disable WP super cache 19:35
Diable Plugins 0:20:26

3.Install Your Theme 0:22:22

4.Create Your Website

Delete and Add Pages

Delete Sample Page 0:24:25
Adding Your Pages 0:25:00

Add Featured Image To Homepage

Add Homepage Feature Image 0:27:39
Change Feature Image Text 0:30:55
Upload Feature Image 0:37:39
Set Feature Image To Homepage 0:38:55
Remove Slider Arrow From Featured Image 0:39:50

Finish The Homepage With All Information

Complete Homepage 0:40:30
Install Page Builder 0:41:10
Adding widgets and Rows 0:42:55
Turning Custom Homepage On 0:43:57
Adding Homepage Boxes 0:44:30
Adding Links 0:45:50
Adding Text Box 0:50:51
Add Button 0:50:59
Add Video 0:52:19
Add Divider Line 0:53:59

Photo Galley Page

Photo Gallery Page 0:55:25
Remove Sidebar 0:55:48
Add images 0:56:27
Image Pop Up With Lightbox Plugin 0:59:25

Services Page

Services Page 1:01:40
Add Icons 1:02:20
Remove Sidebar 1:05:10
Change Circle Icon Color 1:05:42
Add Some Space 1:10:30

About Our Company Page

About Page 1:11:07
Create link to existing content 1:12:11
Add picture 1:12:40
Pickmonkey Collage 1:13:04
Add Facebook Widget 1:16:50

Contact Page

Contact Page 1:21:10
Remove Sidebar 1:21:31
Contact Text Removed 1:22:05
Page Builder 1:22:38
Blackstudio mce Plugin 1:24:25
Contact Form 1:28:36
Add divider line & change color 1:32:29
Map 1:33:12
Change e-mail address for contact form 1:35:11


Organize/Create menu 1:35:48
Sub Navigation 1:37:30

Create and Integrate Logo

Create a Logo 1:38:09
Change Logo size 1:43:48

Social Media

Social media Icons 1:44:40

Website Description

Change Site description 1:47:33

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Nicholas Engeln says:

hay can you help me out. i made a pic in photoshop with dimensions 1080×420 like you said and i uploaded it to the slide show and it doesnt fit.

Jason Clements says:

Thank you so much, I just built my first website by following along. This was awesome!

Max Lee says:

Thank you, Tyler =)

Gina NeeDels says:

thank you for your awesome tutorial.  Perfect!

Michael Herrera says:

Tyler….HELP! I screwed up my site and don't know what I  did but my Vantage theme is gone and I would like to know if there is a way to start over again on the installation of :"How To Make A WordPress Website – 2014". Is it possible? I would appreciate any help I can get Tyler Thanks ahead of time I hope. I just love this theme and I'm so mad at myself right now. Hope you can help me.

Mike Konzel says:

Hi Tyler,
I would like to set an image as a background for my website (using the theme in your video).  I have downloaded various plugins and they don't seem to work.  Is there a way I can set an image for the background using the settings in the theme? Or will I need a separate plugin? If I need a separate plugin, is there a specific one I should use?

SERP Relocator says:

I love wordpress!  Thanks for your video

Vince Seeley says:

Hi Tyler. This is incredible! I just have one question and I should be able to finish a "near final revision" of my website. I noticed on one or more of your pages there was a "Leave a Reply" and Comment box at the bottom. Other pages did not have that. They just had a black footer with the words, "A SiteOrigin Theme". Who do I get rid of the "Leave a Reply" and Comment box at the bottom of my pages? Its not on my home page, but is on the other 4 pages.

Zack Downey says:

Hi Tyler, on the Facebook plugin Get code.. 
I don't have the option to switch between i frame or html5.

Great tutorial

Zack Downey says:

ruggling to get onto C panel. Sends me to the Host Gator site.. An won't let me log in

Raj Pachori says:

Good tutorial Tyler…

Leda Lima says:

Hi Tyler!
How can I remove the form of wordpress comments in the end of the page…I'm using the theme explore to build my website, but i can't remove the form of comments? Can you give me some advisor?

tunc deniz sensoy says:

thank you for the tıme you spend for us. I sucgest for everbody to get overvıev of settıng up  a sıte.

RifDivision says:

Thank you very much Tyler!

Jeffrey Charles says:

I also want to make photo gallery parent page with subcategories beneath. However, want menu item "photo gallery" to not be linked to anything on roll over. Only the subcategory child pages go to or linked to specific categories.

Jeffrey Charles says:

Great tutorial Tyler. What size images do you recommend for photo gallery?

Fredrik Nilsson says:

Hi Tyler, do you know how to make a gallery-page where the sub-categories have thumbnails? So when I make a new gallery it automatically uploads to the gallery page with a thumbnail?

ThePayneMaster says:

can anyone explain why i don't have Embedded video widget?

Philip Viverito says:

Can yo add sound to the main page. Like a voice over when the site opens. Many thanks,

Tom Greg says:

Helpful. Thanks.

Amudala Eric says:

Verry usefull… thanks buddy.

Maxomotos Rob says:

Hi Tylor. i have only  W3 Total Cache Plugin instead you mentioned. is this the one what i should deactivate and delete? this plugin give normally better performance for the website…

Iqa Hapizi says:

YOU are the hero in this story! Thank youu! My boss' gonna love meee :p

Indy Innovative Marketing says:

I'm still trying to switch over to the vantage theme. Whenever i do the tesserect is still there with the vantage. There is a huge white space at the top and the rest appears at the bottom. Making a sandwich effect with tesserect on top and bottom. How to i get rid of tesserect complerely or change settings? And i dont know where to go to cache

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