How To Make A WordPress Website | Beginner 2017

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Learn how to make a WordPress website in 2017. This is my best tutorial so far. In this tutorial I will show you step by step how to create a beautiful, stunning and functional WordPress website. You will be amazing by the possibilities of this theme. I make use of the Enfold theme, the best WordPress theme in my opinion.

As a webdesigner I come accross a lot of clients who have certain wishes. Sometimes they have their own theme already in mind. Almost every time I convince them that it is also possible with the Enfold theme. I know that theme the best and it works like charm! With WordPress and the Enfold theme you can make outstanding websites! And I will show you everything I know about this theme in this tutorial! Goodluck with making a great website!

Get a Domain name and Webhosting:
Enfold Theme:

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Download the images I use in this tutorial:
Enfold Theme Example Pages:
Tutorial website:

Overview of the WordPress tutorial:
00:00 Intro
06:38 Get a Domain and Webhosting
11:08 Install WordPress
13:14 Clean up/organize the backend of your website

18:55 Create the pages that you want to have on your website
20:58 Create and assign your menu

24:24 Get the WordPress Enfold Theme
29:13 Install the Enfold Theme
31:20 Configure WordPress Settings

Configure the Enfold Theme:
33:55 Theme Options (choose homepage, upload logo and favicon)
36:03 General Layout
37:47 General Styling
43:07 Advanced Styling

45:18 Header Settings
51:08 Sidebar Settings
52:12 Footer Settings
54:50 Google Services
55:18 Demo import options

56:17 The Contact page
56:34 Basics of alinea’s, rules and headers
57:07 Introduction to the (amazing) Advanced Layout Editor
58:08 Install and place Contact Form 7 and add a sidebar
1:00:25 Introduction to the color section
1:01:52 Add Create a sidebar and assign it to a page
1:02:13 Add a text widget
1:07:42 Add a Facebook Likebox

1:08:53 The Blog page
1:09:03 Create your first blogpost with the Advanced Layout Editor
1:14:31 Import Layout Elements in your blogost
1:18:31 Insert and adjust images in your text block
1:23:35 Take your blogpost to the next level with a transparant header, image in the header, video in the header, text over the video. A lot of cool stuff! 🙂
1:33:29 Adjust the transparency of your transparent header background.

1:38:06 Change the post time of your blogost (or schedule it)
Edit the Blog page layout

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Thanks guys and goodluck! beginners

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HierIsArman says:

Are you dutch/netherlands?

Mark Lee says:

very detail, very helpful. thanks

sandhi5ps says:

Its 1 AM in india and i am still watching your tutorial video…. you just helped me alot to create a video for a client.. Thank you from bottom of my heart and love from INDIA

Deepak Chauhan says:

this theme is paid . do you have any free link of this theme ??

Vidéo Drone Technologie says:

Bonjour, i m using Enfold for the first time and i follow your démo, thanking to making so nice vidéo, i would like to create comment line on the foot of the page, please tell me how i can do that ! Thank you.

Moris MC says:

Hi, thanks for your videos, I got a lot from them. I have a question, could you make some videos of the landing page? Landing page based on WordPress. Many thanks.

Withheld says:

I bought the enfold theme, but I haven't received an email so I can download. I opened a support ticket and it said to wait 7 days for a response on that. Any ideas? Thank you.

Adnan Mughal says:

i created a website about mobile and technology information i added all data but now i do not how to set home page mean how to mobiles shown on home page kindly guide me please.thanks

Carlos González says:

i recently found that enfold isnt that great, kalium is better

Alison Pope says:

Dear Ferdy, Thank you thank you thank you! Do you have an affiliate link for Enfold theme .. happy to purchase through you as a big thank you for this amazing video ….

zac mann says:

ik wist meteen dat je nederlnds was je kan wel goed engels praten

Tasos Santorineos says:

hi do you have a tutorial about rss??

Robert Rosen says:

Can I get fields like you have in the 2017 theme.  I am trying to put call to action blocks on my home page which would link to either other pages of  external connections . Thank you

WALLY says:

You speaking great Dinglish Weltrusten!

André Motta says:

That is one great tutorial, so inspiring. To build my own website has been a great challenge for the last few years, simply couldn't learn with the non didactic materials and for that it lasted empty. Felt like the only way was to hire someone to design it for me… but now I feel extremely motivated to build it myself! Thank you so much, WordPress King!

Almadar Plus says:

the tutorial you showing to purchase a paid theme with (theme options) other free themes not have this kind of tools, however, it seems to encourage selling your themes within this tutorial, in order to do the atomizing touches, otherwise can't follow these steps, which supposed to show if any free theme included with the theme options plugins,,

Kashish Chhabra says:

hey can u make a full tutorial how to transfer wix to wordpress

Soufian 420Blaze it says:

ik hoorde gelijk dat je Nederlands was 😂 leuke tutorial

Katarina Grcic says:

Why can't I reach your Website?

Darrin Smith says:

Great tutorial, and a really simple theme to use. Only two (2) questions. 1. Is this theme Yoast compatible? and 2. Is this theme Woo Commerce compatible? Thanks in advance for answering those questions for me so quickly.

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