How To Make a WordPress Website – Sydney

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There are a million reasons why you should make a WordPress website for your business with the free Sydney theme. Let me show you a few as we build a website from scratch together.

Demo Site:
Copy-Paste Me:

Thank you for watching – it means so much!! Please comment so that I can hear from everyone!!

Quick Links

How to get free help 6:30
5 Steps & what it costs 7:29
Get domain and hosting 11:57
Nameserver step 22:08
Install WordPress 26:34
Is WordPress working yet? 30:24
Change password 31:23
Login to WP 31:48
WP tour 33:14
Install Sydney theme 35:29
Plugins 38:22
Add pages 41:20
Add menu 46:43
Google friendly permalinks 49:05
Start creating homepage 53:18
Services B 1:03:14
Anchor link buttons 1:08:38
What’s Your Next Move 1:17:11
Team section 1:30:45
Facts/counting stats 1:35:38
Testimonials 1:40:16
Portfolio/our work 1:43:44
Get free images on Pixabay 1:45:13
Data 1:50:15
Call to action 1:57:04
Homepage video 1:59:30
Image slider 2:02:12
Client logos 2:11:48
Add blog posts 2:18:00
Social icons 2:26:11

BONUS Content to help you create a complete website!

Add cool pages:
Bigger slider text:
Create logo for free:
Edit footer copyright:
Layout builder demo:

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Rochelle Evenden says:

Hi Greg, thank you so much for this video, its awesome! I am building my site right now and was wondering what the code is that you mentioned to make the background colour darker in the 2 sections Got a spare minute to meet our team? and …or get some facts on our firm? Thanks in advance.

CloudTeam10 CTX says:

this was great and very helpful. Looking to add the ability for people to request a follow up by providing their information. Going to see if you may have covered that in another video…

Ashodin Thorson says:

you can use Zoho, or 000websites that lets you host with your own domain name, for free.

Arty Jafty says:

Wonderful and awesome sharing.

Jan Grønhøj says:

Under "What's your next move?" I have a lot of white space, i followed your video perfectly, but it simply wont get away, any suggestions? Ty so much.
Also the text in "The Reviews" cant change colour. :-(

Alejo Felipe says:

Front Venezuela, thank you very much. is a very good tutorial.

MVESS Head Office says:

not getting service tab on wordpres…need help

geekboy328 says:

Very helpful!

Inge De Knop says:

Awsome theme, I made my second website with it and everybody is very happy. It is easy to work with, just change existing posts and pages and you are done!

Dianne Mead says:

On my site "home, about, etc" are appearing on the actual page. How do i remove them

Daniel Gomez says:

Theres a wide black space that I can't get rid of at the bottom of my website.

Rizwan Alam says:

I want to define hover effect by using Class in SiteOrigin Editor row.

For e.g;

.box {
background-color: #FFF;

.box:hover {
background-color: #CCC;

Rizwan Alam says:

Hi Greg! How are you today? How to define CSS Class and call it in Sydney WordPress theme?

René Iacopini says:

Hi Greg, thanks for a great video. I'm very nearly there with my website, but am struggling on how to make images the same size for the portfolio – I think I heard you say in your tutorial "if you want to know how to make the images all the same size then leave a comment" erm…….so I'm leaving a comment : ). this would also apply to the employees, and blog post images, I'm hoping for a one size fits all answer………. : )………….again many thanks for the tutorial videos.

Snogwoofer says:

Main menu is hidden by dropdown. How do I display the menu without this dropdown? Anybody?

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