How To Update Theme Forest WordPress Themes & Codecanyon Plugins

How To Update Theme Forest WordPress Themes & Codecanyon Plugins
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Here are some of the links talked about in the video:
Github Repo
Plugin Download
Theme Forest

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Paul Stewart says:

I do not get a .zip file when I download from the site? I am trying to follow your instructions but can't get past this point.

Muhammad Asad says:

I Am Facing A Problem In Clubix Wp Theme My Map Of Conact Page Is Not Working

Krystal Hooper says:

Any suggestion on themes that have amazing mega menus, and top bars?

Krystal Hooper says:

With most themes they require you to copy a shortcode into header PHP or the you drag and drop the widget into the sidebar menu. That just goes there not to the Header the Footer is done the same way, so I don't see how the theme helps with that at all.

Krystal Hooper says:

Do I even need to purchase a theme though because Visual Composer is all custom built anyhow, and most theme's just add it to them. I already purchased it by itself through WP Bakery. I don't know how to create a menu using Visual Composer any suggestions on it's own? I am currently creating one in the pages section, I created individual rows in the row settings to break up the individual rows to be linked to create a top bar and header section for the language translation as well as currency converter since they are added through a plug in I uploaded to file manager in the public html. I also uploaded the plug in the widget section in apperance added it to the sidebar but it only shows there so not sure how any header and footer sections seperate from the individual page using a mega menu.

Krystal Hooper says:

I purchased a plug in through them for the Visual Composer. However I have tried several different ways of linking the Mega Menu with Visual Composer. I'm trying not to just link the page in Apperance because you can't use the Mega Menu in Apperance for the horizontal drop down that one is only vertical with subdomains. You lose the amount of elements in the row. How do I create a Menu in Mega Menu drop down Top Bar Header without using it in the theme options or Apperance. I have tried also in Pages. I noticed you can not use both. When I contacted the theme developers that have it built into the theme they tell me to deactivate the Wp Bakery Plug-In that they conflict with another so I have no idea how to add a Logo without losing my Mega Menu. When I go into Visual Composer and enable it I'm stuck linking it from Categories.

Sylvain POMME says:

Thanks a lot man. I've been looking 3 or 4 tutorials before yours. And this method is by far away the easiest I found.

Myriam Zahrte says:

Tanks a lot man that helped!
That was almost easy. 🙂

Akshay Chan says:

thanks a lot man. I was about to delete and update, until i saw this.

Liam J. Dowler says:

Thanks for this dude. WordPress For Non-Techies says:

Here is the easiest way to keep your Envato products updated. Hope it helps!!!

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