How to Use the WordPress Jetpack Plugin – Best WordPress Plugins
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In this WordPress Video Tutorial for beginners, learn step by step how to use the WordPress Jetpack Plugin. We will be using the best web design software on the market, WordPress, to make and customize our beautiful website. No coding experience is required, and we’ll teach you how to design your WordPress website easily and quickly.

What will we be learning?

We will be learning about the WordPress Jetpack Plugin to get a better understanding of all its capabilities and why it is ranked as one of the best wordpress plugins ever made. I will show you exactly how to install the Jetpack WordPress plugin and how to effectively set it up.

Why is the Jetpack WordPress Plugin important? How can I benefit from this video?

Because of its capabilities, the Jetpack WordPress Plugin is quite robust. With the power of, Jetpack WordPress plugin provides some of the great capabilities. Additionally, the number of features packed into this one great plugin are amazing.

However, because there are so many features within the Jetpack WordPress plugin, WordPress websites tend to slow down and reduce efficiency, therefore within this video, I hope to show you only the most important features and which you should add.

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WordPress Jetpack:


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Video Timestamps:

0:12 Overview Best WordPress Plugins
0:40 Jetpack WordPress Install
1:00 WordPress Jetpack functionality overview
3:20 WordPress Jetpack specific functions
7:00 Activating Specific Jetpack WordPress Features


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Alisson Rodrigues says:

WASTE OF MY…wait for it… TIME!


Gobosarbuel says:

seriously. this 10 min u can do in 3 and give me what i want this blabla makes me serarch an other video.

PennyCentury says:

Stop babbling and cut to the F****ing chase! What a waste of time!

Jamil Ali Ahmed says:

This is the easiest way to integrate WordPress Jetpack plugin to your website

Javier Li says:

Is this really a tutorial or just a speech hahah

Sacha Howard says:

Although the video was well made, you didn't actually go over how to use the plugin. To much ramble and not enough tutorial.

Wayne McCarthy says:

Hi, I have loaded Jetpack onto my WP websites so I can auto post my content….can you tell me if you can re-activate older posts and get them onto FB…even though they may have been created 3, 6, 12 months ago….thanks Wayne

a Rob says:

dog shit

JennyJam Fitness says:

omg this tells me NOTHING!! What a waste -_-

pradip kumar babou says:

totally useless,….15 min to say abselutly nothing, what a waste

ChrisRiquinha says:

Very useful video.  Thanks.

Nick Santoleri says:

Thank You.

Jenna Camareno says:

So I take it you cannot use Jetpack or any other plugins on

NuEnque says:

This video should be titled "Why you should us the WordPress Jetpack Plugin" There is very little "How" in this video

kate Schlueter says:

Great, thanks

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