How To Use Twenty Seventeen Theme with WP 4.7 or Newer

How to use Twenty Seventeen theme step by step video tutorial. Here I want to help people who are just new to WordPress and want to use the default theme, Twenty Seventeen. We need to have WordPress 4.7 or newer to do this.

*Note, if you use another theme before, and now you switch to 2017 theme, and using WP 4.7 + newer, check this video instead:

Honestly, this is my first video that I recorded for 1,5 hours plus without a break, so apologize for some pronunciation mistakes 🙂

I think Twenty Seventeen theme is more corporate theme than a blogging theme, and it is very different than the previous default themes. The video shows you an example how I would use it. Of course, you can modify the content later on to fit your preference.

0:53 Login to your dashboard
1:24 Quick previewing the default starter content with Twenty Seventeen theme
5:13 Site Identity, changing logo, alter Site title, and Tagline, also adding site icon
19:35 Covering Header Media, check out my other video discussing about using a video as header. Upload header images
21:14 I purchased my images here: (referral link)
24:11 Displaying random images as your header background
25:48 Using Menus option
„Automatically add new top-level pages to this menu“ explained video:
39:14 Unable to drag and drop Social Menu Links in the video, I found out the cause, it was because my browser was resized in the video recording dimension. Yours should work smoothly 🙂
42:00 Using widgets
57:23 „Static Front Page“ options
58:30 „Theme Options“ feature
1:00:40 Additional CSS. I gave an example how to use it on my video, „Creating Twenty Seventeen child theme“.

Start modifying your pages

1:01:37 Modifying „Home“ page
1:02:40 „Our Services“ page. I used the HTML code for table from Bootstrap;
1:08:48 Modify „About Us“ page
1:13:56 „News“ or originally „Blog“ Page
1:19:16 Contact page, including building a contact form. After a few minutes or hours the re-Captcha should work properly, that is with the images Captcha, e.g choose squares that have street signs in it, etc.
1:34:54 Good bye for now.

Any questions please leave a comment below, or reach me on FB.

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Andres Rivera says:

Go to "Emails & Actions" then hit the actions button go to "Email Message" and put cursor behind {field:all_fields} and hit the spacebar once —-> that should do it

kimmimebaby says:

If you switched from a theme to Twenty Seventeen, you won't be able to show the starter content and the default provided menu, but you can use your own existing menu, check out this video:

Corean Komarec says:

Thank you for the tutorial. I missed the same part 'shown at 26:04 all the options are checked?' And your 'Child Theme' . I just watch and got my 2017 child theme going. 🙂

Brian Hewitt says:

kimmimebaby, thanks for this excellent tutorial. And, to think that you are doing this in English (as a second language) is really amazing.

Cherie Hodges says:

Thank you!!! This video was so very helpful!!!!

Marko Vodenik says:

Hi! I recently watched two of your videos (this and child theme) and both find extreme useful.
At the moment i am still working on Excerpt for my posts and also want to make left part of the page narrow.

IndomanTed says:

Thank you so much for a very informative tutorial. I have looked at a number of tutorials and yours was the best!

Roberto Parolin says:

Thanks a lot. You help me to start using this theme. Good Job!

Sean Carmody says:

Liked very much 10/10..AAA

Mr. Cute says:

How do you remove the page titles? I installed Title Remover plugin and build the page with Beaver Builder. The title remover plugin does not work.

Guillermo Guzman says:

Muchas gracias!!! Me fue muy util tu trabajo. ojala sigas colocando estos videos. Si me permites luego te hago unas consultas sobre el Top menu SAludos

Vid Shi says:

can you please tell how to remove the space between the header the content below the header

Nadeem Bhatti says:

Hi Every one!! I am having trouble with Pages bar which are not showing on my page tries your trick as well but did not work, please check if any body can help from my website on I help is appreciated

Alfred Birney says:

I don't see open link in new tab when customizing social links. Twenty Seventeen just doesn't show me that (see your video 36:00). Did you work from another type of theme maybe?

Kim Knox says:

Thank you, I really enjoyed this video.  Have you found a visual editor plugin that you like best with the twenty-seventeen theme, front end and back end?

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