Install WordPress Locally on Mac OS X Using MAMP

How to install WordPress locally using MAMP. I walk you through the steps of downloading and installing MAMP, setting up your localhost, running MAMP, and creating a local database. Then I will show you how to install WordPress on the localhost in just a few clicks.

Download and Install MAMP:

Download and Install WordPress:

Purchase your domain name and hosting here:

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Team Reach for Success says:

DUDE your AwsomeTHX.

Zulfadli Nasir says:

sir do you do 1:1 tutorial? and how much is it? please email me: thank you

Ambpixel says:

Really great thank you so much! :-)

justjulezz says:

Hi there, I followed your instructions to run a WordPress website on my localhost. There was no problem in the past days but since yesterday, I can't open my WordPress site anymore because 'the network-connection has unexpected stopped'. The Apache and MySQL servers are still running and I have no clue why I cannot reach my (test) website anymore.. Do you know what I need to do cause I can't find it on the internet…

necds1 says:

Thanks man, you are awesome!!!!

簡合翊 says:

Thanks your teach, i'd like to know how to install on the MAMP with Monster template in the OSX. Please

Gabriel M. Falcão says:

Thanks a lot, man! Really appreciate it!

Matteo Vergani says:

very good man, I just really, really don't understand why everytime you tutorials makers seem high when you do videos. Slooooooow speaking, useless time wasted.. you are making a seo tutorials, try making your video efficient. You could have done it in 1 minute clear and could have been the same. Really no hate eh, I found your video enlightening but I've searching for an hour, and everyone the same: sloooow speak and half the time wasted in useless details. The day a tutorial maker will try to concentrate for half an hour to make a really well done and clear video the world will collapse

Kasie Morgan says:

I would like to know how to get permalinks to work with Mamp and nginx. I just keep getting a 404 :(

rkm424 says:

Really helpful, thanks man!

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