Install WordPress on your Mac with MAMP free

This WordPress MAMP tutorial will walk you thru how to install WordPress on your Mac so that you can develop your WordPress website locally.

Get MAMP and install WordPress on your Mac at:

Read the Step by Step instruction at:

Install WordPress on Windows:

Move Your WordPress Website:
This is an older tutorial it still applies, but there have been some major improvements to the tool that I recommend.

Learn how to build a website step by step:

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justjulezz says:

Hi there, I followed your instructions to run a WordPress website on my localhost. There was no problem in the past days but since yesterday, I can't open my WordPress site anymore because 'the network-connection has unexpected stopped'. The Apache and MySQL servers are still running and I have no clue why I cannot reach my (test) website anymore.. Do you know what I need to do cause I can't find it on the internet…

Maria Guillen says:

GREAT VIDEO! Was able to install so quick!

David L Martin says:

i was good up till 3:19

Chris Zhang says:

Great tutorial! Thanks. I encountered problem though at the stage of local:8888. It didn't take me to Index of, instead it took me to Mamp Pro: The virtual host was set up successfully. Tried to type in localhost:8888/thedatabasename but it says The requested URL /thedatabasename was not found on this server. Could you please help me? Thanks!

Pause The Moment says:

Excellent tutorial. Thanks for sharing. Quick question for you…

Let's say I'm developing a few different sites for different clients of mine and I want to do so using MAMP locally… would I be able to create multiple different "demo/test" sites using MAMP? If so, do I just follow the same tutorial instructions and create a new database, install wordpress the same way, etc?

How would I access each site using MAMP after they're all setup? JUst use localhost:8888/newdatabasename?

Mojo Photo says:

How do I import my production web pages to WordPress so I can view them in the Admin panel?

Mojo Photo says:

If I already have my site files created and downloaded from production sesrver to a folder, where do I place them AFTER I configure MAMP and installed WordPress so that I can view my site? Thanks

Fit_Dang says:


SKQualityShoppe says:

Awesome job. Thank You so much. Almost pulled my hair out trying to do this.

stefania j says:

what do I do differently if I already have a website at wordpress? I can't find a clear enough tutorial

Diane Bunn says:

It works! Thank you soooo much!!

viktor kerney says:

This was so helpful thank you!

Reet Lonari says:

I installed wordpress on my mac and everything is done but, it's not showing my blog. I have been running a blog for 6 months and it's nowhere to be seen.

Ultimate Gaming says:



Stephany J. says:

Gosh, this was so simple.

Heather Lingerfelt says:

Great tutorial and so easy to follow! Thank you so very much!!!

dvojveslo says:

Thank you!

Susan Salvary says:

These tutorials don't usually work for me…but yours did! Thank you!!

torgostheme says:

Really nice and straightforward. Thanks! Would love to see one about how to build with a third party theme.

Bernadette Waite says:

Help me please! I did all this yesterday created a password etc, set up my wordpress, then today i stupidly decided to change the URL just in settings, and now safari says it can't connect to the server.. the 'localhost:8888' link doesn't work. Im not sure what to do PLEASE help

ValerieD says:

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I want to hug you through my screen! I've been struggling with this for a while now, until I found your tutorial!! Thank you!!

Omoiyari23 says:

Very simple and to the point. Thanks

jmodesigns says:

THANK YOU!!!!!!! I dont know why all the other videos cant be straight forward like this.

Rebecca Bramhall says:

I get to installing and the database name won't work? Not sure what I'm doing wrong

Mhairi Robertson says:

Awesome tutorial, successfully installed. Thanks.

Raja Ranjith says:

hi… after installing wordpress files in to my website folder, started localhost:8888 and the result i got is

"The virtual host was set up successfully.

If you can see this page, your new virtual host was set up successfully. Now, web content can be added and this placeholder page1 should be replaced or deleted.

Server name: localhost
Document root: /Applications/MAMP/htdocs

1 Files: index.php and MAMP-PRO-Logo.png

could you help me what to do next from here ?

Jess Walter says:

I keep getting to a page that says 'Error establishing a database connection' and I don't know what to do or how to fix it. I've tried uninstalling and trying again and nothing has worked. Please help?

Tom Underwood says:

I don't usually comment on videos like this but this video really helped with the install. Thx a lot

Dignity Games says:

Very simple step by step tutorial, Thank you

Chris O'Brien says:

Tim, Thanks for the great video. Everything moved along nicely as I mimicked you step by step until I enter the localhost. I received a message "The virtual host was set up successfully. If you can see this page, your new virtual host was set up successfully. Now, web content can be added and this placeholder page1 should be replaced or deleted." I'm not seeing the index that appears on your video. Any thoughts. Thanks again, Chris

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