Installing Divi Theme for WordPress

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Get the Divi theme (affiliate link):

Ready to install your newly favorite WordPress theme?

Then you will enjoy this video where I cover step-by-step how to download the theme from Elegant Themes, install it onto your WordPress site, and even cover just a few of the many features that come with this fantastic theme.

What Is Covered In This Video:

1. First, you need to login to your account with Elegant Themes in order to download the theme to your computer. This file is easy to save directly to your desktop so that you can access it later on.

2. Next you will need to compress your Divi folder by right clicking on the file and selecting „Compress ‚Divi'“. This will turn your regular file folder into a .ZIP file that can then be uploaded to your WordPress site.

3. Navigate to Appearance, Themes, Add New, and then Upload Theme. Once here all you have to do is click on „Choose File“ to upload your Divi .ZIP file or simply drag and drop it to the „Choose File“ section. Click „Install Now“ and then followed by „Activate Theme“. Now you have successfully installed your new Divi theme from Elegant Themes.

Thanks for watching. Please feel free to leave a comment below with any questions you might have and whether or not this was helpful.

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Thomas Graham says:

Thank you, Allie, very much for your excellent instruction for installing Elegant Theme Divi on my WordPress site. You communicated perfectly about each step and I was completely successful just minutes ago with my installation. Now, I'm looking forward to learning Divi and developing my first website. I hope you offer more instructional videos! ~ Gratefully, Thomas

The Mind of Rey Rey says:

I use Safari, and was stuck not knowing that I had to compress the file. You saved me from my headache, thank you! ~TheMindOfReyRey

MrVVnz says:

Hi Allie, thank you for your easy to follow instructions. Still need your expertise help as am no pro at this. What am stuck with is the divi was installed/uploaded but it doesn't look like the theme page (when you click visit site on top at around 4.20 in your video). What do I do to make it look like that and then work backwards to what I want to make it look like? Thanks

Melissa DelSignore says:

Hey Allie, I am running my WP site in the background and would like to build a new layout while my current site is still active. I just downloaded to divi to my WP and now under customize I just see a plain white screen, do you know how to fix this?? Thanks!

Royal Dreamz (BD) says:

I though this theme is free. totally disappointed.

B.J. Martin says:

I don't have a "Add New Theme" or an area that shows the Twenty Fifteen, Twenty Fourteen, Twenty Thirteen showing anymore, just options fo themes available for wordpress, like all, free and premium. Help.

Ray Brown says:

Great job explaining 😉 Thank you

Jhoger Guerrero says:

I love you voice!

hosam abdallah says:

how can move it from my local host to life host on web

Shahar Janjua says:

It's telling me that the uploaded file exceeds the upload_max_filesize directive in php.ini. Any solutions for this?

Likeabawsk says:

Thank you kindly Allie :)

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