Should You Use A Free WordPress Theme Or A Paid WordPress Theme

Should You Use A Free WordPress Theme Or A Paid WordPress Theme
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Not sure wether you should use a free wordpress theme or a paid wordpress theme?

In this video I share my preference and why.

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facebook link in video now its alowed ? great tutorijal

Mathias Costa Magnussen says:

Did you get paid to say this bullshit? 😂

I've been using sydney and some professionel web devolopers like my site, they were also saying that it was a beutiful wordpress site something they normally don't see.

Chillmore says:

What is your opinion on Zerif Pro? I have been using it but find there is a lot that I cannot customize. Also, what would you recommend doing to make additional pages outside of the home page look professional?

Donna Southwood says:

My only reason for not wanting to use paid themes is what if you buy it and then find that it's too hard to work with, or you can't do what you wanted to with it? With a free one you can mess around with it and if it doesn't have the capabilities that you want you haven't lost any money. I wish they would have a 30 day money back guarantee or something.

Thanaponth Bureesombat says:

Thank you very much Sir for making a great content again. I really appriciate all your hard work.

Thanaponth B.

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