Top 11 Best WordPress Plugins 2016 | Must Have Plugins For WordPress!

Purchase Plugins Here: ($10) Get the best wordpress plugins for 2016. These are really good wordpress plugins that will help you create your wordpress website. I use many of these plugins and have really helped me out with my wordpress website. I use wordpress alot and i always look out for new talent and the best wordpress plugins. I felt that these plugins were really good so they made my list of the top 11 wordpress plugins! I dont want to give out any spoilers for this video of the best wordpress plugins for wordpress, so let me know how you guys like it. Feel free to let me know if you have any wordpress plugins you want to hear more about or learn about.

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For more wordpress tutorials or if you have any questions, feel free to visit my website! Darrel Wilson


thanks for watching my best top 11 plugins for wordpress!

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SolutionHacks says:

Nice video subbed and liked, here i have shared top 11 wordpress plugins having full website solutions must check them, . Thanks to everybody in advance specialy video owner.

PunkGraphic Creative Clinic says:

Very cool selection. You can also add an unique tilt image effect to make it a bit more interactive, like this one:

InfoHoop says:

last one is very important

Micro Pixels says:

Clef no longer exists

Natalie Yung says:

Would like to ask if the Sumo Me plug in will provide an automatic email system too? 
I'm new to using WordPress 🙂

PeeR says:

Google Analytics by Kevin Sylvestre doesn't exist anymore :/

Natalie J Evans says:

Darrel, a great video…my question is what is the best one click plugin. I don't want to use google drive or dropbox. Any thoughts???

Siddharth Raj says:

i am not able to fine so mamy of these plugins like bloom and clef

Søren Drimer Pejstrup says:

The best walk through I've seen. If you going to make a 2017-version I really think you should include a AMP-plugin. Do you BTW have a recommendation for that…?

Anand Shah says:

Hi. How can i add advertisments in the video like youtube? Say add video ad of my local car dealer of 30 secs for a month in my wordpress self hosted video. Is there a plugin for it?

The Chamber Room Experience Inc says:

Regarding Clef how do you use a cell phone to scan a code?

DK Huzaria says:

What the new Clef now? i cant find it on wordpress 🙁

Ollie Stanley says:

Hi Darrel: My hosting company is Siteground. They have a cache purge and speed program built into all the websites they host. Will this plugin interfere with Sitegrounds in any way? Thank you in advance and your videos are some of the best.

Jackie Tedford says:

Clef is no more. What do you use to replace it?

Tropyl says:

one plugin that you missed is the All in one security plugin

Bryan M says:

Hey Darrel, great and informative video. I'm curious about WP Robot. The website I'm developing instructed me to add the WP Robot plugin but it doesn't seem to exist anymore and I don't have it. Is it worth using or is there a similar plugin that you have suggested that will auto blog on my website. I tried a free download of the robot but it contained malware and I didn't follow through with it and the rest want me to purchase it and I refuse to purchase a plug in like that if there are work-arounds for it. Thanks!

Ramesh Mehay says:

one final post. sumome – to get subscribers. any plugin which u can ask what type of subscriber someone is and then send messages to group types? eg i want to ask if subscriber is a trainer or trainee and then send group specific messages. does sumome do this or mail chimp? can sumome link to mail chimp?

Ramesh Mehay says:

what are you recommending now instead of clef which has died?

Ramesh Mehay says:

Darrell what do u think of beaver builder. i think its way better than Divi and has loads more templates. it's also drag n drop. and has zillions of users

hatachi nara says:

If you have a long contact form with so many fields, this is your solution

WordPress Plugins says:

Big thanks for posting

Prateek Choudhary says:

is divi builder better than visual composer. visual composer too builds the website in drag and drop way.

Saud Razzak says:

Hi there! Nice list, but I am shocked you didn't mention Cloudways Migrator plugin.

Mehdi Bouhalassa says:

About CLEF: it means "key" in french and is pronounce "clay" 🙂 Awesome vid, by the way… Merci et au plaisir!

MikeOnTheBox says:

Does the SumoMe measures how many people say "fuck this website" when they get the popup blocking them from reading the content?
I think you forgot some backups plugin, specially when you mention that if someone hacks your website, your website is history. That's not true.

Marcus Fisher says:

Hey, if I dont have all the social media's in the first plugin, can I select only a few? Thanks!

shamsh in says:

my social buttons not displayed below the content ?

Michael Denison says:

Thanks, Darrel, everything I watch that you do is awesome…..

Mimansha Chhadva says:

Cant find Clef anywhere on wordpress or in normal plugins search list.. any idea??

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