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This videos provides a guide on how to step by step install Truemag theme & plugins

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wifi wafou says:

why does he unselect 4 plugins (see at 1:22)?
someone can help ? thankx :)

Social Agape says:

I dont find the plugins file. I cannot install them because it is incomplete.

Live Hangama says:

can't i display slider design of static page in Dynamic page … as i think we can't

Cue the Critic says:

do you have to import the sample data? does that make it easier to replace?

Edmilson Nhavoto says:

Wow i really love tht theme , and i wanna buy , but i dont speak very well ingles, my language is portuguese. So i wanna know if i will not get alot of dificult to config and install everything i need??? please help me

iand adi says:

where I can get the imported data post like in that video?

Guilherme Fernandes says:

It doesn't appear any pages when I import it. How can I import all the pages? Please is urgent!

Thunderous71 says:

There is no JS Composer?

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