Using the Twenty Seventeen WordPress theme

Learn how to use the Twenty Seventeen WordPress theme. Use the skip ahead links below.

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WordPress 4.7 was recently released, and it ships with the all new Twenty Seventeen theme. In this video, I’ll show you how to setup the homepage and chat about it’s many features.

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00:15 Thoughts on Twenty Seventeen theme
00:50 Using the theme; overview
01:38 How the home page is structured
02:48 How a page/content section is created
03:40 Add a read more link in the home page content sections
04:40 Using the theme customizer
05:38 Edit the top image/video of the theme
07:00 Customizing the theme colors
08:44 Customizing the home page content sections
10:05 Customizing CSS
10:56 Recap and final thoughts

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sardegna con me says:

Hi,I have a question,I just want to add on "Theme Option" a new section,there are just 4 but i need 8 of that,thanks

Reckless Yūki says:

Huh, I've been trying to dick around with X Theme but this seems so much easier (and better) for free.

Marjorie Ray says:

Great video, thanks so much for this overview.

Sound Remix and Cover says:

Hello,can I ask to you why the sidebar doesn't work on the theme "twenty seventeen"? I m trying to put some widgets but id doesn't appear on the sidebar,I can only see the widgets on footer 1 and 2.Can u say to me why?
The website i'm trying to do is this:

Michele Riley says:

Thanks for this video, you really help me understand the sections on the homepage. Subbed!

David Silva says:

hey guy, sorry my bad english but i really don't find Customizing the home page content sections in my wordpress what happened ? is a plugin?

Mike “Kelemvor” B says:

Is it possible to use the cool home page scrolling over images thing on other pages?


Hey mate great vid – might sound like a dumb question but how do I change the other header images it seems to only allow me to change the main page image and doesn't give me an option to change the others? says:

I want to thank you for this video. It has been a big help. I am following what you have here to build my new fitness and health site. I am doing well with it, I must say. However, For whatever reason, I am not sure as for why I don't have the Theme Options on my custom page for WordPress to create those individual pages for the home page. The ones that slide up and down. The Theme Options Tab should be between the Static Front Page tab and the Additional CSS tab. However, it is not there at all. Would you have any idea as what I need to do? By the way, The Unemployed Genius is a different site I own. It's not the one I am working on with Twenty Seventeen. As of now, I have three pages and one post. I also loaded the Feature images on those three pages as you had shown in your video. This is how I noticed there wasn't a Theme options tab. I was on my way to doing the page line up with the Theme options, and there was none! Hmmm.

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