Virtue WordPress Theme Tutorial 1

Virtue WordPress Responsive Theme is a modern, attractive & clean designed with Css 3, Html 5 and Bootstrap with powerful responsive framework loaded with lots of features .Its a multi-purpose responsive theme.For more latest video please subscribe,like or comment.

This is just a demo tutorial you can customized the theme as you want.

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christa bauer says:

Das tutorial hat mir echt geholfen — gute arbeit. Like +

Itamar Paiva says:

Hello ! I'm learning with this theme, because I do not understand anything English is more complicated even after I'm Brazilian I would really like to help, how do I configure the social icons. The little ones from the top bar?

Tony Marfella says:

I have a question, how can I show the name of the pages into the header?

Starr Smith says:

how about a narration? I just see a cursor wiggling around places for unknown reasons.

tick tommy says:

i have been building my agency website on this virtue theme which i found very nice and clean….i need some help regarding about the sidebar…i have left empty space for the sidebar through home layout section in theme option…but i cant bring post or page or put someithing in the sitebar can i put some pages on this sidebar…thnks

Abdullah Anwar says:


Shell Ley says:

How do you get that toolbar at the top, I have the plugin activated

Rebecca Johnson says:

hi, brilliant video. i have two questions? one is when i set my featured image for portfoli i am left with different sized pictures which do not look symettrical besides each other. no.2 is there is a new wordpress update but i do not how to backup all my files beforehand, any help plz?

chandan kalluri says:

my customize option is not working and when i try to get into theme options it shows nothing of the options that your video shows actually it shows no option at all .i am a beginner please help me out how to clear the issue

La Svoboda says:

Hi, I have a problem .. When "activate" slide …
could you give me an advice please?
Your page
Thank you

Simon P says:

After I updated this theme to the latest version my page won't work anymore. It shows the headings and the menubar but I can't see any images… Could you help me?

Martin says:

Hello WordPress Expert! I need your help in this WordPress Theme.
My problem is in the homepage, i need include pagination after recent post. How can do?

This is my website:

Angela Cosma says:

best video ever, thanks for making it so easy 🙂

Wordpress Expert says:

+Hieu Le To get theme option in appearance Please install the plugin and activate …

hensch1974 says:

No sound on your clips

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