WooCommerce – How to create a custom email template 2016

How to create a custom email template for your WooCommerce store.

A great way to make your email notifications feel more professional when your customers make an order in your e-commerce store.

I show you a plugin WP HTML Mail created by Hannes Etzelstorfer

Link to plugin: http://etzelstorfer.com/en/downloads/wp-html-mail-woocommerce/

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LilyRose BBreborns says:

Hello ! After seeing your video I bought the plugin. I done everything like on the video, but the plugin doesn’t appear on my section “email template” like on the video. Even if it s well installed on the plugins on my website (sorry I'm french my english is so bad !)
Can you help me please ?
Thank you !

Eduardo Rulino says:

hi Andrew,

after watching your tutorial, I've purchased the plugin. But I was suprised It does not work with me. It cause my web has an internal server error. if I deactivate the plugin, everything went back to normal. I have sent an email to the developer but still have no reply. any idea what cause it?

fyi, I am using Virtue premium theme.

appreciated for the help

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